Marian Clark combines a love of nature with a fine sense for design. Her passion for the natural world grew out of a childhood spent in settings of extraordinary natural splendor, remote islands, and off the grid homesteads on the west coast of British Columbia. She was trained in landscape architecture in England, graduating with a first class honours BA from the University of Gloucestershire, 2010. Between two courses of study in the UK, she apprenticed to a well known Vancouver Island designer, Gerhard Rehm, who gave her free rein to oversee the construction of a number of fine gardens ranging in size from two to twenty acres. In 2007 she had gained sufficient experience to manage and build her own projects. She then commenced to work with a diverse group of local and international clients to create some outstanding gardens in rural, residential, and commercial settings. In 2009 she returned to the UK to complete the academic requirements for a professional MA endorsement. Over the last fourteen years, Marian has become a disciplined professional whose approach to landscape architecture and garden design is truly inspired. This year, she completed her MA Landscape Architecture thesis, Shaping Healthy Urban Landscapes. Her research focused on ecological urbanism, a new area of interest, and led her to visit sites in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and the west coast of America. Her thesis examines human ecology and outlines fundamentals, principles and strategies useful for the design of urban environments in which the natural and man made elements are harmoniously integrated.

Landscape Architecture